Lash Lift

Au naturel for the low maintenance kinda gal!


Lash Lift

If you think your lashes are short, they’re probably just straight! A lash lift is the ultimate low-maintenance, high-impact treatment. The method entails raising and curling the lashes to get a semi-permanent, wide-eyed expression. The result is breathtaking. Longer looking lashes and wide, sparkly eyes.

What to Expect

One of our lash specialists will meet you for a consultation and patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We’ll discuss your requirements, achievable looks, and explain the procedure to you.

Getting married? Let us know, because we recommend your lash lift treatment happens about a week before the big day.

When you come to your appointment, you can relax in one of our soft and comfortable recliner chairs, designed to accommodate all body types, including pregnancy. Your appointment is your time, and our specialists will tailor the time to you. Want to nap? Take one of our blankets. Want to chat? We love a good conversation!


Lash Lift

Frequently Asked “Lash Lift” Questions

I have had a lift before, do I still need a patch test?

Yes. This may seem an inconvenience, especially if you are keen to have it done. But the products used for the previous lift may differ from the ones we use on you and we would have no way of knowing. We therefore have to test you just like a first time client. This is for your own health/well-being. It is also a legal requirement that forms part of our agreement with our insurers.

Will I have a reaction to the lotion?

Very few people have a reaction to the lotion but that doesn’t mean you won’t be one of them. What one person reacts to, another is fine with. This is why you are required to have a patch test 24 hours beforehand. A patch test is quick and simple. It consists of us placing 2 drops of lotions behind the ear for 15 minutes. Wiping it off and waiting to see if any subsequent irritation occurs over the next 24 hrs such as redness, itching or inflammation for example.

Does a lash lift hurt?

No the procedure is totally painless. You will have your eyes closed for the entire treatment and although it may feel a little strange being unable to open your eyes for this time, it offers you a chance to relax during the treatment.

Is a lash lift the same as an eyelash perm?

No the Lash lift Is a new, improved procedure, overcoming the ‘over curled’ look of its predecessor . Whilst the chemical procedure is identical to a perm, the difference is in the results. By ditching the old fashioned perm rollers which curled back the lashes to the extent of the ‘dolly look’, the silicone pads used for this new procedure lifts the lash from the root in either a straight or curled, upwards fashion that produces length and a bright eyed enhanced look.

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